Weekly online podcast interviews with comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. All exploring mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

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JensenKarpEpisode 218
Jensen Karp

The writer/ex-rapper/entrepreneur/podcaster talks about living with Obsessive Thoughts Disorder, being molested by a 19 year-old female   (read more)

Me&EdnaEpisode 217
Jeanie Bergen

The 30 year-old writer talks about being parentless at 3 and the complex relationship with her   (read more)

happy-hour-sqEpisode 216
John H

The 25 year-old discusses his Generalized Anxiety Disorder, social awkwardness, difficulty making eye-contact, compulsive overeating, abusive   (read more)

photo 1-1Episode 215
Roxanne R.

The 57 year-old incest survivor talks about growing up in a family “where being born female   (read more)

KatiMortonEpisode 214
Therapist Kati Morton

The licensed therapist and Paul talk about eating disorders, emotional intimacy and how to support friends/loved   (read more)

TiffanyHaddishEpisode 213
Tiffany Haddish

The comedian/dancer/actor shares about her mother’s descent into mental illness (schizophrenia), the abuse she suffered at   (read more)

DeanTrippeEpisode 212
Dean Trippe

The comic book artist and father talks about the role superheroes have played in helping his   (read more)

MaggieMullEpisode 211
Maggie Mull

The 28 year-old writer shares about being unemployed and an only child, her fear of abandonment,   (read more)

Arianna CEpisode 210
Arianna C

The 40 year-old shares about her traumatic upbringing (incest, religious extremism, abandonment) and the ways her   (read more)

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