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Andrea C

Paul’s support group friend and writer talks about weighing 95 lbs at 5 years-old, being in foster homes and psych wards, surviving incest, learning self-love and dealing with addictions to food and abusive men.

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Luke Burbank

The podcaster (Too Beautiful To Live), radio host (Live Wire Radio) and tv host (CBS Morning News) talks about his outbursts of anger that get physical, always feeling uncomfortable in his skin and being hyper vigilant to avoid criticism.

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Dr Lauren Costine

The author (Lesbian Love Addiction: Understanding the Urge to Merge and How to Heal When Things Go Wrong) and therapist talks about love addiction especially in the lesbian community, what coming out what like for her, myths about lesbians and what makes a good therapist.

For more about her or her book go to www.lesbianloveaddiction.com

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Julie L

Julie L: Covert Incest Survivor

The French Canadian biologist sits down with Paul and talks about experiencing covert incest by her mother who she believes also had Borderline Personality Disorder, and her complex relationship with her safer but extremely codependent father.  Julie shares about her struggle to share intimacy with her husband and the progress she’s making in releasing some of the trauma thru somatic therapy.

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Michael Alexander pic-2

Michael Alexander

Paul’s old comedy pal Mike shares about psych wards, not being deemed “black enough”, anxiety, depression, experiencing some classic 70’s Chicago racism and trying to be a better parent than he had.

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Sarah & Zachary Pt 2

Zachary Goodson shares his story while his wife Sarah sits in.  He talks about losing his mother (actress Diana Hyland) to cancer when he was 3, being raised by an abusive father, learning to numb himself with sex and after bottoming out, finding help.  They also talk about how they navigate marriage and work on intimacy while working through their individual issues.

Zachary is a writer, and it’s been a huge part of his healing process.  He’s working on his first book It’s Always Worse In Your Head. For more info about him or his writing go to www.zacharygoodson.com

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Sarah and Zachary Part 1

Sarah and Zachary share their stories and how they navigate healing while being married.  Sarah shares her story which includes sexual abuse, codependency, perfectionism, anxiety & a stay in a psych ward.  Zachary’s story will be next week.

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