Weekly online podcast interviews with comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. All exploring mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

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Episode Archive (Past Episodes of the Podcast. Click for Past Blog Posts or Site News.)

JasonNashEpisode 183
Jason Nash

Recently diagnosed with BiPolar II, the actor and director of Jason Nash is Married talks about   (read more)

PiaGlennEpisode 182
Pia Glenn

The West-Indian-American writer/performer shares about being raised by a violent and mentally unstable mother who refused   (read more)

LaurenHennessyEpisode 181
Lauren Hennessy

The actor/singer and fiance of past guest Chemda talks about being a trans male (male but   (read more)

jillwdogsEpisode 180
Jill Morley

At 40, Jilll took up competitive boxing to work through the childhood PTSD caused by her   (read more)

TylerWEpisode 179
Tyler W.

The 26 year-old law student talks about his struggles with addiction especially bulimia, hallucinogens and nitrous   (read more)

AnnaAkanaEpisode 178
Anna Akana

The performer / writer / director best known for her popular YouTube channel opens up about   (read more)

MichaelHEpisode 177
Michael H.

The 25 year-old Taiwanese American shares about his co-dependency, painful breakups and perfectionism as well as   (read more)

IMG_0891Episode 176

The 36 year-old mother shares about the middle-class version of Cops that was her childhood, her   (read more)

Mick BetancourtEpisode 175
Mick Betancourt

The comedian/ podcaster/ writer opens up about his incredibly chaotic childhood, alcoholism and fighting the feelings   (read more)

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