Weekly online podcast interviews with comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. All exploring mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

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Episode Archive (Past Episodes of the Podcast. Click for Past Blog Posts or Site News.)

LaurenAshleyBishop2Episode 204
Lauren Ashley Bishop

The comedian shares about the three traumas that led her to finally seek somatic therapy for   (read more)

OliverSykesEpisode 203
Oliver Sykes

Paul’s 41 year-old friend talks (and laughs) about his arrested emotional development and struggle to be   (read more)

GillianChachereEpisode 202
Gillian Callahan Chachere

The Marriage and Family Therapist Intern opens up about the rarely-discussed trauma of miscarriage, the lack   (read more)

PriscillaDiaz-aka-NoemiEpisode 201
Bulimia & Anorexia w/Noemi

The 24 year-old first generation Mexican-American is currently unable to stop her anorexia, bulimia or blackout   (read more)

ClintMalarchukEpisode 200
Former NHL Goalie Clint Malarchuk

The former NHL goalie opens up about his difficult childhood and the OCD that helped him   (read more)

JoniGwithMeEpisode 199
Joni G.

“No man ever pleased me like cocaine did.” ┬áThe 60 year-old shares about the drug that   (read more)

mentalpod-itunes-artworkEpisode 198
Samantha C.

Born with achondroplasia dwarfism to emotionally unavailable Taiwanese immigrant parents, Sam shares about being a “litte   (read more)

Chris GethardEpisode 197
Chris Gethard

The actor/writer opens up about his blue collar New Jersey upbringing, and his battles with anger,   (read more)

diephuis_laurenne_sala_0006Episode 196
Laurenne Sala

What happens when the Homecoming Queen takes off her popularity mask and deals with the pain   (read more)

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