Weekly online podcast interviews with comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. All exploring mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

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Episode Archive (Past Episodes of the Podcast. Click for Past Blog Posts or Site News.)

MaryO'HaraEpisode 232
Mary O’Hara

The first pupil from her inner-city high school to attend Cambridge, the 42 year-old journalist/author shares   (read more)

LisaRichardsEpisode 231
Lisa Richards

The licensed clinical social worker and author of Dear Mallory: Letters to a Teenage Girl Who   (read more)

DerekBloch2Episode 230
Raised in Scientology: Derek Bloch

The 28 year-old talks about being raised in the Church of Scientology by a narcissistic father   (read more)

happy-hour-sqEpisode 229
Sheila & Kim

The lifelong friends join Paul to talk about supporting each other through their issues which include:   (read more)

DanSmith2Episode 228
Shootout Survivor Dan Smith

The Navy vet and former armored car driver shares about the PTSD that came in the   (read more)

CassieSneiderEpisode 227
Cassie Sneider

The writer and graphic artist (and karaoke DJ) talks with Paul about her parents alcoholism, gambling   (read more)

KatiMortonEpisode 226
Therapist Kati Morton #2

Therapist Kati Morton returns to answer listener questions.

Check out Kati’s YouTube channel, visit her website  (read more)

happy-hour-sqEpisode 225
Joe and June

The Israeli couple talk about their childhoods, how they try to support each other and finding   (read more)

DrewMonsonEpisode 224
Drew Monson

The 19 year-old YouTube entertainer commiserates with Paul about OCD, depression, jealousy, naps, love and internet   (read more)

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