Want to Hire Paul to Speak?

“Paul is a dynamic speaker and engages with his audience in a heartfelt and genuine way. He has a true gift for speaking of serious topics in a manner that respects their gravity while also highlighting the beauty that can stem from tragedy. His honesty and open manner make for meaningful talks and his humor can lighten a serious mood…highly recommend him to anyone interested in sexual assault or mental health, as his points on recovery are insightful and bring hope to his listeners.” -Johns Hopkins University

Paul-Comedy-CentralPaul Gilmartin has been speaking professionally since 1987 when he began a career in stand-up comedy, appearing on dozens of television shows including: Comedy Central Presents, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and TBS’ Dinner and a Movie which he co-hosted from 1995-2011.

Around 2003, after getting sober, Paul decided to transition from stand-up to speaking about what really mattered to him – living with mental illness, trauma and addiction. The podcast is his life’s passion and he enjoys connecting to others through sharing his story and letting those who are confused or suffering know that they are not alone.

Over 10,000 people have filled out the various surveys on The Mental Illness Happy Hour website (you can view the results as well if you’re curious) giving him insights into people’s deepest secrets, shame, pain and joy. Seeing how universal our experiences are, and that people can recover – even from the most painful traumas – is the message he hopes to spread.

If you’re interested in hiring Paul to speak about any subject related to mental health, addiction, emotional or sexual trauma, his life or the podcast please email him here. You can expect a talk that will be frank, personal, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but ultimately hopeful.

There is no set fee for what he charges as it depends on many factors.

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