Podcast Episodes

Renee M.

The Hispanic, 31 year-old PhD shares about the downside of raising herself up by her bootstraps; growing up knowing she couldn’t depend on her passive mother or gambler father, and now finding her emotional development lacking, especially in areas of trust, intimacy or being comfortable asking for help.


Ian Gutoskie

The 37 year-old Canadian comic discusses his two psychiatric hospitalizations, his social anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed by daily tasks and his Bipolar II (with rapid cycling); also how sports helped him channel his anger about his abusive dad and what he does to stay in balance today.

You can find Ian on Twitter @IGutoskie  His website is FunnyIan.com

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Oliver Sykes

Paul’s 41 year-old friend talks (and laughs) about his arrested emotional development and struggle to be an adult after a childhood where he often had to parent his parents because of their addictions, mental illnesses (including hospitalizations and suicide attempts) and lack of boundaries.

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Gillian Callahan Chachere

The Marriage and Family Therapist Intern opens up about the rarely-discussed trauma of miscarriage, the lack of traditional grief support in our culture, and the surprising results she got from seeking an alternative healing therapy (a full spectrum doula) after her fifth miscarriage.

The blog piece that Gillian wrote is called The Closing of the Bones.

Her therapy website is http://gillianchacheretherapy.com/

The Youtube piece that Paul referenced about sexual trauma survivors’ is here.


Bulimia & Anorexia w/Noemi

The 24 year-old first generation Mexican-American is currently unable to stop her anorexia, bulimia or blackout drinking.  She shares what her struggle is like and about the abusive ex-boyfriend whose chaos and trauma-bonding helped distract her from her feelings and finally she shares about the family life where most of her pain originated

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