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The Gift Inherent: A Guest Blog by former guest Alycia Schlesinger

I had an amazing moment with my dad, today.

Although I’m not Jewish, I accompany him to temple every year on this day. During the service, they take an hour to remember those who have passed on with a special focus on parents. I had a WAKE UP moment. Instead of waiting to remember him, I decided to do it today. He showed me where he grew up, he told me about his childhood, his elementary school, the day I was born. I did the one thing I could do to “remember” him today: I listened. I paid attention. I let him know I love him by being with him today–really being with him completely in every moment. I let him know his life matters to me by giving him my full attention. I realized that I don’t know when our last Yom Kippur together will be so today, I let him know with my actions that I see him and I love him. With that, I thought, “This might be what it’s really all about–letting the people we love know that we love them and that the fact that they were born matters to us.” I think that may just be the gift inherent in witnessing a life…..

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