Weekly online podcast interviews with comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. All exploring mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

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LATEST EPISODE  Posted on January 23, 2015

Stirling GardnerEpisode 209
Stirling Gardner

The writer/performer opens up about his love and ... (read more)

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Renee MEpisode 208
Renee M.

The Hispanic, 31 year-old PhD shares about the downside (read more)

Lisa Madame of ComedyEpisode 207
Lisa Sundstedt

The writer (Chelsea Lately) and performer (Pretty Funny Women) (read more)

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Mental Illness & Stress

Great article about the relationship between stress and mental illness plus a lot more.


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Remembrance: A short film by listener Christopher O’Brien

I believe in stories. Stories are all that we are, individually, tribally, even as a race. Stories create the lives we live for good or ill, and after many retelling, stories can be hard to change. They may change, by accident, by tragedy, by force of will, but it ain’t easy.  

Two years ago I was committed. It lasted 10 days. Ten days of safety that allowed me to break the cycle of alcohol abuse and suicidal ideation. I am still not sure if I wanted that. And since then it has been two years of sometimes doing what ...

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Importance of a Psychological Assessment: Guest Blog by Joel Schwartz PsyD

Imagine the following scenario:

You walk into your primary care doctor’s office. You are feeling sick, weak, and unlike yourself.  After describing your symptoms to the doctor, she smiles at you and says, “I think I have a general idea of what’s going on. I have about fifteen hypotheses about what is causing your distress. I am going to pick a hypothesis at random and treat it, hoping for the best. If I am wrong, we will try the next one.”

Wait, wait, wait, you may be thinking. Isn’t there a way to narrow this down before we embark on ...

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What It’s Like to Have Tourette’s: A Guest Blog by Ellen

People are surprisingly bad at seeing minute details.

This has been what’s kept our species alive for so long.  If our ancestors heard a lion roar and saw a large shape prowling in the grass, they couldn’t afford to stand there and filter through all of the information pouring in from their five senses.  They had to take in enough to get a general picture so they could react in time.  Those who saw the lion and made a run for it were much more likely to be able to continue to live and have babies, while the person going ...

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I Had an Abortion 4 Weeks Ago: Guest Blog by Jan

I had an abortion four weeks ago.  It’s hard to describe how I feel about it.  I don’t think there are many emotions in the human vocabulary I haven’t felt between the time I began to fear that I was pregnant to the present moment.  I have had the wonderful fortune of a loving and open-minded boyfriend, immediate family, and close girlfriends who supported my decision to terminate the pregnancy, and yet I feel totally alone.  Statistically I know that three out of ten American women has an abortion in her lifetime, and yet no one speaks about it.  I ...

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