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Washington Post article on sexual abuse of boys by women

I think this article highlights the difficulty boys have in getting the help they need after having been assaulted or violated by adult women.   People assume an erection means a green light.   It doesn’t.   Many female sex abuse victims become aroused and even orgasm during crimes against them, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay.    If anything, these boys and girls need additional care because of the confusion that exists.   Their bodies responded one way and their souls another way.    Most people don’t get this.

Our bodies repair themselves but our souls usually need help from others.

No matter how a body responds, when a child is tricked, seduced or coerced into a sexual situation by an adult or a much older young adult a scar is left because deep down the child knows they were objectified and used – made to feel small and powerless which is what the abuser is seeking from the sex.    It is not an act of sharing, it is an act of taking.

If they remain silent,  the victims may not be able to articulate the wound consciously for years, if ever, but  something has been changed inside  

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Some Good Tips from

8 Exercises to Improve Your Mental Health

As we age, our mental health deteriorates and we become less sharp. But just because your memory is fading and your problem-solving skills have weakened throughout the years doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around and improve your mental health today. All our brains need are some good teasers and training to come back to life. Here are eight exercises to improve your mental health.

  1. Exercise:

    Daily exercise and physical activity prevents disease and makes you stronger, but it also improves your mental health. Ever heard of a little thing called endorphins? These feel-good chemicals are released during exercise and other activities and have been known to increase feelings of euphoria, happiness, and well-being. In addition to the endorphin increase, exercise also reduces stress and anxiety, the common culprits of depression and other debilitating mental disorders. It doesn’t matter if you walk, bike, swim, or weight-lift; all types of exercise are good for the body and mind.

  2. Meditation:

    The act of sitting still, closing your eyes, and clearing your thoughts can do wonders for your mind and body. Meditation means something different to everyone, and the benefits of regular meditation range


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Depression’s Evolutionary Roots

From Scientific American: Two scientists suggest that depression is not a malfunction, but a mental adaptation that brings certain cognitive advantages.

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