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No Longer Suicidal

I got this email from a listener named Angela Stewart.


Just a quick note to say I discovered your show after I caved in got an iphone, discovered podcasts, saw the shows logo, laughed out loud and decided that perhaps, I should listen to the show! I don’t listen all the time but on occasion and some people annoy me (most people do!) but listening to your strong message about getting help, has made me be more assertive in getting the help I need, I have for the first time been given a diagnosis (Bi polar type II and most likely/maybe ADHD and Cyclothymic Disorder) am taking medication that works and a feeling of hope has returned to my life. I was researching suicide seriously a month ago and had made my will and arranged my life so it would be easy for my relatives to close off my affairs after my death. I would cry on waking, working, talking and before sleeping. I have love in my heart again and I can give it back to my dogs, as I was viewing them as parasites feeding on the last shreds of my strength, but at the same time thinking that they would be better off without me. This has been the darkest period of my life but your voice has been a warm beacon in the blackness.

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