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Approved to my Anxious self

PostPosted: October 18th, 2016, 2:22 pm
by anxietyapproved
Being only 4 years in the United States escaping a drug induced family love, it feels like now I need to get approve from those who've never achieved nothing in their life. I needed help I was about to explode on myself like I did years ago before I got married and now I was falling in the same path again, but only now, with a Kid and a lovable wife who doesn't deserve my old self. seeing a therapist who had help me in only 2 sessions and always looking to see her more. Thanks for existing GUYS

Re: Approved to my Anxious self

PostPosted: September 24th, 2017, 8:32 am
by Namu
Hey, y'all.

I've been browsing around, noticing that once in a while people reach out on these forums and get no response, despite, in this case, over 300 views. How creepy that must feel -- especially to a shy or skittish person, if she/he/they comes back and sees how many times people have taken a look and walked away -- and how confirming of negative beliefs!

I just sent anxietyapproved a PM, sympathizing about getting no response to his intro post (his only post), and asking him to come back and try again.

I just want to bring a bit of attention to this, and ask that old-timers, when they have it to give, keep an eye out for neglected posters, especially new members. I think I see some of that going on already, but there are still some orphans drifting about, and it seems worth mentioning.

I tend to avoid online forums, finding them overwhelming, but MIHH is special. I've never seen an unkind word here, and that level of safety and respect, plus the love I've been shown here, make me want to do what I can to enhance its safe and welcoming quality, and, to the degree it's possible, to not let anyone slip away.



Re: Approved to my Anxious self

PostPosted: September 24th, 2017, 8:58 am
by Namu
Hey again. I'm feeling a little sheepish about my previous post, because if you look only at the Introduce Yourself forum, there is nearly always at least one reply to newbies, so I might seem a little over-reactive. I just want to clarify that most of the no-response posts are in other forums. I'm going to try, as energy permits, to make use of the "View unanswered posts" link. Not all the posts there really call for a reply -- the podcast episode summaries don't, for example -- but some really are asking for help.

Thanks (again). I'll move along now ...