I'm getting help: underearning.

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Re: I'm getting help: underearning.

Postby oak » December 1st, 2017, 4:19 pm


Digression: I vividly being a brand new undergrad. I could do all sorts of typical undergraduate shenanigans, from the harmless to foolish to stupid. Three months earlier my high school experience, which was very typical, had all these rules. I hadn't changed in three months, but I was treated very differently.

Fast forward 19 years:

In early 2013 no one would hire me: imagine any minimum wage employer, and they either wouldn't talk to me or hire me.

Then, through the miracle of a minimum wage temp job (resetting a store, 3rd shift!) I got my teeth cleaned at the local community college, got those 2 for $60 glasses (which were great!), and the world's most basic 2013 Android phone (also great!). I tried some new job search methods (sincere thanks to Richard Bolles' book!), and tried some new vendors in a bigger city nearby.

I got hired as temp, did well appareantly, and then got hired into an entry-level white collar position, with benefits and a certainly level of responsibility.

Again, I was the same person as I was a few months before, but suddenly I could pass as respectable.

I said all that to say this: my escalation wasn't due to any great change in hard work or dedication. I was the same person, just around different people.

Success does have to do with diligence, hard work, being savvy, all those sincerely good things. They are necessary but not sufficient.

I'm not sure what my point is, but I want to say that success/change is a weird thing. It isn't fair. It does go to the best or most deserving person.

I guess, going to back my earliest posts in this thread: while I didn't change much, I kept trying different things until something worked.
"Work is love made visible." -Kahlil Gibran

"We gotta make a decision: leave tonight or live and die this way." -Tracy Chapman
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