How I Survive To Stop Having An Anxiety Attack

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How I Survive To Stop Having An Anxiety Attack

Postby diaz212 » September 17th, 2016, 3:52 am

feeling like I am going to faint, my heart will race and I get hot. I went to the doctor and they ran blood tests. Now they are sending me to a cardiologist. After looking up my symptoms it kind of sounds like anxiety but I am not sure. Since I ... went to the doctor I keep feeling this tight pressure in my chest and I keep crying for no reason. Does this sound familiar?

This is how I live, but I can survive this things, I believe with my self. This how I survive this things :

1. Track Your Mood

Anxiety attack can be puzzling for some. You may feel that it comes out of nowhere and caused by nothing. If you feel like that, then chance is you still don’t have a thorough understanding about you and your anxiety.
The first step for how to stop having an anxiety attack completely is by understanding how it attacks you. You can do this by tracking your mood.
When you track your mood for a certain period of time, you will see a pattern. The pattern is different for each person, but it tells the fundamental thing to fight anxiety attack: the anxiety trigger.
Here is how it works. First, prepare a journal. Second, every end of the day, write your activity for that day and add the emotion you feel during each activity. For example, you can write it like this:

    Going to work – feel normal
    Called in the boss’ office – surprised
    Lunch – uncomfortable
    Writing report – clammy and want to go home quickly

When you have filled the journal for certain period, start noticing the activities around the time when you feel anxious. Maybe, you get anxious every time after being called in by your boss – no matter what the reason is. Maybe, you get anxious every time you do activities that make you talk in front of a group.

After knowing the trigger, you can help yourself to treat your anxiety better. For example, you can start to attend support group for people who want to be able to do public speaking. Or maybe, you can start to prepare your report and answer before your boss call you.

That way, you’ll be more prepared when something triggers your anxiety, and you won’t experience anxiety attack.

2. Differentiate Bad Coping Method

If you find yourself in this situation, you should stop as quickly as possible. Bad coping method can relieve yourself from anxiety for a moment, only to plunge you deeper later. If you choose bad coping habit, you’re blocking your own way to recover from anxiety.

This is one answer for how to stop having an anxiety attack. You have to be able to form a healthy anxiety coping habit from now on and separate yourself completely from bad coping habit. Bad coping habit including:

– drinking alcohol
– eating emotionally
– isolating yourself
– harming or cutting yourself
– torturing your thought by keep imagining the worst

3. Build Daily Habit: Exercise

Here is one thing you must know about how to stop having an anxiety attack. Daily habit affects how you function physically and mentally every day. A healthy daily habit may even improve your overall physical and mental well being.
Exercise is a habit that everybody should cultivate every day. According to this research, exercise has many benefits, both mentally and physically.

Physically, it makes you fitter. It also releases endorphin into your system. Endorphin is a hormone that can make you feel good. Exercise daily means you will have a steady endorphin supply every day, giving you good mood and increase your tolerant for stress and anxiety.

Sorry I'm not post all of my journey in here, if you want to read all of that here the source :
A comprehensive website about relieve anxiety and how it affects our minds and bodies. [url]=""]Read now[/url]
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