Spent the whole day in the hospital

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Re: Spent the whole day in the hospital

Postby Jitterz » October 8th, 2016, 7:34 pm

It bothers me too. My therapist kinda made me second guess her a few weeks ago when I was telling her how shitty I feel and her response was basically "well at least you don't have cancer, at least you're young and you have good health. " like when people say that stuff it sounds like they are saying I'm ungrateful and should stop complaining about my life. Isn't depression a disease? I can't just make it go away I didn't choose this life. Unfortunately my brain is fucked up and it's keeping me from functioning like a normal human being. Telling a depressed person to just snap out of it makes it even worse. Now when I go to her I feel like I can't tell her everything. People really don't get it. I feel so helpless and so alone with myself.
"I am trying-I am trying to explore my unconscious wishes and fears, trying to lift the barrier of repression, of self-deception, that controls my everyday self." ~Sylvia Plath
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Re: Spent the whole day in the hospital

Postby EmeraldArcher » October 9th, 2016, 8:08 pm

Thanks brownblob. Depression is awful and it's pretty hard sometimes. I'm really glad I found this podcast. Actually someone from a support group turned me on to it. It's great to find a place where people understand mental illness.
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