How to stop hurting my other half...

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How to stop hurting my other half...

Postby alaskowska » January 22nd, 2016, 1:35 pm

Hi peeps.
I'm looking for advice and I'm warning you now, it's complicated:)
I have a diagnosed depression and regular anxiety attacks. Every time when I feel them coming I get really angry and unfortunately take it out on my boyfriend. Always he is a victim of my anger, and it doesn't help he's divorced with two kids and a dickhead ex. Usually I'm fine to deal with it but when I get anxious it feels like the end of the world. How can I control my anger? I've tried before doing 'rubber band on my wrist' method etc. but I can't help it... :oops:
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Re: How to stop hurting my other half...

Postby ovoce » January 23rd, 2016, 3:30 pm

I totally feel where you're coming from. Thankfully I don't usually struggle with anger but for the last few weeks I've been in such a deep depression that it has transcended from sadness and emptiness to rage at the most ridiculous things. I've gone from maybe yelling at my husband once or twice in our entire relationship to yelling at him twice last night in the middle of the grocery store because he hit the backs of my ankles with the cart and I was already freaking out because the store was packed due to the impending blizzard. All I could think about was running through the aisles windmilling my arms and punching people in their stupid faces lol. Luckily, since my anger is tied to panic/anxiety (sounds like yours might be too?) my breathing exercises work well enough to get me through the moment until I get somewhere safe, like the car or home. Still working on dealing with the residual waves of anger. Maybe we should buy punching bags lol :P
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Re: How to stop hurting my other half...

Postby Johnpcarey730 » May 4th, 2016, 6:37 am


I can empathize with you regarding this issue and also would love to figure out a way to be less angry and stuff. I was thinking that giving up drinking is always a good start and moving toward a plant based diet but as anyone with high levels of stress and anxiety can attest to, it is not always easy. Any suggestions or advice would be quite welcomed. Thanks.
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