Venting so I can sleep

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Venting so I can sleep

Postby walklikeanegyptian » October 20th, 2015, 10:32 pm

ARRGGHHHH!!!!!!! Ok, I need to vent so I can sleep. I rent a studio space to teach in which is kind of a dump, but is the best thing I can find in the city for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, other groups rent adjoining spaces and play the most stupid music which I abhore at an ear-deafening level. When I ask these precious little angels who have never been told "no" in all their precious little millennial lives to turn down the music a little because the bass is coming through the walls, they go crying to the studio manager. I was told today that the studio had received "complaints" (actually, I was told, only two) about me asking people to turn down their music.

This place is SUCH a dump and I spend more money there than any other client, but the owner couldn't give a shit. The owner is this old bat who had 1 minute of fame a million years ago who thinks she's doing everyone a favor by offering this shitbag of a rehearsal space with equipment dating back to the 1950's and cockroaches. I was told that it doesn't matter if I'm the best client they have, if they get any more complaints, they'll boot me. They want me to report to the manager (who does nothing), if the music is loud and they'll take care of it -- haha, right. The manager has an ENORMOUS attitude about being asked to do any little thing: She continually forgets to open my studio and at least once a week I have to go and find her to ask her to open it up. Then she gets mad at me for asking her. Really? REALLY???? Uh, excuse me, isn't this your JOB??? Since when is everyone so fucking sensitive to being asked to DO THEIR JOB???? Since when is everyone so sensitive about being asked to turn down the ugliest music on the planet when the bass is DEAFENING???

This brings up a lot of shit for me about not being liked, about being fired a lot when I was in my 20's, about being disciplined in school, about being excluded because people don't like me. I'm a big person with a big personality, and I'm very successful at what I do and very likable now in my adulthood. However, I am also extremely intelligent which makes me very impatient with stupid, lazy people who also happen to be ever so precious and overly sensitive. If one more millennial gives me attitude about doing their goddamn job, I swear I'll rip their fucking face off.

Please don't respond to this post with advice about dealing with my anger. I know how to deal with my anger, that's why I'm venting here and not there. I know when my big personality is seen as "anger": even if I'm being as nice as little bo-peep. The problem is the "oh-so-precious-Mommy and Daddy said I could have/be/do whatever I want" people that simply can't take direction, discipline or "No." Good luck with that when you get married and have children. Good luck with that when you find out your little waitressing job isn't enough to pay the rent but you can't backtalk the boss at your real adult job, if you want to stay employed. You'll be popping pills and mainlining alcohol just to get through the day.

Jesus Fucking Christ, I am just SO SICK of all these precious little girls and boys. Thank god I run my own business and get to tell these little angelic brats that if they don't act like adults and behave professionally no one will hire them. Very satisfying.
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Re: Venting so I can sleep

Postby wd82 » November 29th, 2015, 7:56 am

I'm sorry you're experiencing this, I hope getting it out helped you sleep. I do hope there is some resolution to your problems.
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