What's the most random thing you've eaten?

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Re: What's the most random thing you've eaten?

Postby oak » July 21st, 2013, 3:12 pm

That is a compelling post, fifth! Thanks for posting it. It has given me a new perspective.

I've thought more about this thread, and I remembered another favorite food: La Choy brand chow mein noodles.

Which leads me to believe: weird shit I eat, I prefer it to be crunchy. And sweet. If it granular (ie straight sugar), all the better.

Also, for me, it should involve as little work as possible. Thus, marshmallows straight from the bag, icing from the can.

Since I love cake batter, I lazily decided to cut out the egg part, and I will buy boxes of cake mix, put a little milk or water in it, and stir it until it is just the right consistency.

Finally, an off-topic story:

I was housemates with a then-friend. I didn't mind if he had some of my food, so long as he didn't eat all of anything I had.

Well, one day my sister generously gave me a jar of that natural peanut butter, that:

1. Has the oil settle at the top
2. Has to be refrigerated

(Both of those facts will soon become important to my friend)

He had never heard or tried natural peanut butter, so I encouraged him to try it sometime.

One night, when he was bored (a state that frequently leads to regrettable eating), he decided to try a spoonful. He loved it.

But he didn't want to eat the whole jar, because he knew if he did I would never buy it again. So, bowing to the appearance of being polite, he put it back, half eaten.

Sure enough, the temptation was too much, and he decided to eat the whole jar. Karma, which has a strange sense of justice, came into play.

So he keeps eating this cold peanut butter, which is increasingly clumpy, since I didn't stir the oil very well into the bottom. Which would have been no problem, had my friend had the patience for the peanut butter to get to room temperature.

In his peanut butter lust he ate the whole jar, cold, and started to choke.

After a brief moment of thinking he was going to die, he somehow managed to choke down some water, dislodging the cold chunk of peanut butter.

Lesson: don't eat all your friend's food.
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Re: What's the most random thing you've eaten?

Postby fifthsonata » July 21st, 2013, 4:04 pm

Oh, that peanut butter lust is deadly...
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Re: What's the most random thing you've eaten?

Postby pandaknite » July 21st, 2013, 4:22 pm

I also will eat entire jars of cake frosting... usually within a day. I used to be able to eat one in 3-4 hours, but, I don't eat as much in the summer. Meh.
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Re: What's the most random thing you've eaten?

Postby BrambleAndRose » July 22nd, 2013, 7:50 am

Wow, I'm not as weird as I thought. Peanut butter and string cheese are also MAJOR trigger foods for me--major.

One weird food compulsion I haven't indulged in for awhile: I would make Easy Mac in the microwave, then add a can of tuna or a few tablespoons of salsa (or both), to fancy it up. In college, I also made ramen noodles in my coffeemaker, and added Kraft cheese to thicken (both the noodles and my thighs).

Ahhh, compulsive eating: Simultaneously my most and least favorite thing to do. My lifelong friend, my lifelong enemy. :dance:
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Re: What's the most random thing you've eaten?

Postby MizLzie » July 22nd, 2013, 6:16 pm

BrambleAndRose - we would have made awesome, yet terrible roommates. I love all those things.

Peanut Butter by the spoonful, if I have them, add some chocolate chips. I'm not allowed to buy bulk Reeses Pieces since a big bag can be easily consumed if I don't pay attention. Then it hurts...
Fond of hotdogs/smokies dipped in a mayo/ketchup concoction.
Really, I'm fond of things that are very bad for me in so many ways. Usually eating them late at night. :/
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Re: What's the most random thing you've eaten?

Postby Kittieface » July 26th, 2013, 6:57 pm

I'm so happy so many people wrote back to this one. Eating your emotions is messy business.

And Fifthsonata. -hugs- is all I can say.

Also I fucking love you guys <3. It's nice to not get yelled at for talking about this kind of thing. People are so scared of eating disorders. And any kind of emotional eating. It's crazy the reactions I've gotten to certain things when telling friends.
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