Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

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Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby Mooncrater » May 13th, 2013, 8:44 pm

Obviously not the most enjoyable topic, but one that seems to effect most if not all of us suffering from emotional/mental challenges.
It is unsettling what various forms of depression can do to us and the life style changes we can unfortunately adapt to - like not caring about personal hygiene or a clean environment.
I have noticed that when I am in a "wave" of depression/anxiety/stress I won't shower for almost a week?! I will also hold off on doing my laundry and just keep pulling stuff out of the closet or if I am not going anywhere, just put on the same sweatpants/shorts over and over. But what is even stranger, is the fact that even though I have always been very organized and a clean person that could smell a mouse fart across the room, I don't even notice if I am foul? I mean I can't smell any difference after days without a bath or non clean sheets? Not sure if the brain shuts off that sensory area?
Then when I come out of the low, I do this massive scrub and clean of the entire place & myself only to repeat over and over and...
Thank god I never stop flossing, brushing, mouth wash. I draw the line there!
Just curious. :animals-chickencatch:
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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby oak » May 14th, 2013, 9:23 am

Good post and question.

The first thing to go is shaving. And clean clothes. When/if I leave the house I usually end regretting it.

In a related topic, I've been meaning to throw away this jacket I have. It is really cool but somehow smells strongly of body odor. I've been meaning to throw it away for the last week. But I am still wearing it today.

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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby Cheldoll » May 14th, 2013, 5:18 pm

I've definitely gone a week without bathing. Brushing my teeth... I don't think I've gone more than just a few days. Flossing I have trouble doing even when I'm feeling awesome. :P

Bathing daily is more of a societal thing than a real necessity, depending on where you live and what you do on a daily basis. Some people who wash more frequently will find themselves actually needing to wash that amount because their skin has been trained to produce more sebum quickly (especially if they don't moisturize) since they keep getting rid of it when they soap up. We're creatures of habit and our bodies support that -- if you're used to not bathing for long periods of time, your body won't care that it hasn't seen a loofah in a week.

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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby Mooncrater » May 14th, 2013, 8:04 pm

Ah yes oak, I completely zoned out on the shaving. I hate it as I can grow a beard in ten minutes and shaving is like weed-eating a field of tall grass!
You are 100% correct that is the first to be ignored.
And Cheldoll, you hit it right about body acclimation. We get set in patterns and our body starts to fight or adjust depending on our previous routine(s).
PS - I HATE flossing as well cause my teeth have always been too tight, but if I don't punish myself everyday, my gums will bleed. They kinda get used to it if I try everyday.

The bottom line is when my shit seems to be hitting the fan, I really don't worry or care all that much about me and my body or appearance until I finally am shocked or horrified and then I pretend I will never do that again only to repeat without hesitation. :doh:
I am a HUMAN-BEING something rather than a human doing nothing
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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby MizLzie » May 18th, 2013, 11:19 am

I usually wouldn't go longer than 3 days (and only when not working) simply cause my hair is so knotted it will hurt. I shower every day that I am working because of my hair mostly, otherwise it's a frizzy, tangled mess and I'm too vain to go to work like that. Unless I'm sick or something, then I'll just be so beat I can't do it. On the weekends/days off I can go a while without. Wearing the same pjs all week and then all weekend. Gross. I can smell them. Not shaving my legs for ages (easy when single) until it hurts to wear socks that pull at the hair.

Used to be worse with the flossing/brushing and slept with makeup on. Got kinda compulsive about it the last couple years so that's good. Flossing is definitely the first to go ;)

Mooncrater - I have the exact same problem with my teeth. They have gotten used to it, as have I. I miss it after a few days.
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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby Nevina » May 18th, 2013, 12:07 pm

Oh boy oh boy, I'm pretty certain I can beat all of you at this game. :oops: I have a strange and frustrating shower phobia. I suspect that I was molested by my first stepfather before age 5 while in the tub as that would explain a LOT. I do remember taking a shower with my mom because I was too young to be in there alone, and I just started screaming and screaming. Anyhow, I've always had to make sure any shower I use is completely clean, no hairs or dirt anywhere in there. My mom always scolded me for rinsing out the tub before showering because she thought it was so unnecessary. The unfortunate part is that I also have horrendous housekeeping skills now due to not really being taught good skills as a child and being overwhelmed so often.

I'd say once a week is pretty accurate for most of my life. I don't think there's really anything wrong with that. Our bodies don't need serious cleaning every day unless we do activities that make us particularly sweaty or dirty. I'd wash my hair 2-3 times per week, which is also a good number for oily hair like mine since it just produces more oil the more often you wash it. As a child I had other hygiene issues that are so bad I don't want to mention them here, but they are so abnormal that I really do believe they make a good case for me having been molested.

These past couple of years has been worse because our tub is clogged and we can't seem to fix it. Can't get a professional in here yet for a few reasons. My boyfriend uses it because it does drain eventually, it just fills up to ankle level while showering. It makes me gag to even think about. I shower when I visit family or friends or stay in a hotel. That means I shower every 2-3 months. I WIN THIS CONTEST FOREVER! ;) Somehow I still manage to have a full time job and a social life, while wearing the same clothes over and over because I also have a problem getting laundry done. No one complains, and I do have friends who would be blunt enough to tell me if there was an issue. And sex isn't an issue, because I haven't been having that for over a year. My medication and anxiety have killed my libido and the side effects make my girly parts non-functional anyway.

It freaks me out to post this, but it is my reality. It weighs on my mind constantly.

But the good news is that I'm pretty obsessive about flossing! :D
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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby SeaFoam » May 21st, 2013, 2:46 am

Nevina you are awesome.
The most Ive gone without a shower is like 7 - 8 days too. Which has happened like twice. It does happen to me that I wont consistently shower period. Like going 2 days and a half without showering is normal to me. I dont mind it and I dont smell bad and my hair is awesome.
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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby heathen1981 » September 1st, 2013, 8:28 pm

I've gone a month or so not bathing. I finally get driven to shower when my scalp starts itching ridiculously.

The weird thing is that I've gone weeks without showering and have had women come up to me and tell me how great I smelled. Do I have such an awesome natural scent that I attract women, or are these womens' noses broken?
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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby meh » October 16th, 2013, 7:11 am

Shaving is the first thing to go for me as well. Three or four days and my kids start asking me if I'm growing a beard.
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Re: Longest period of NOT bathing? Let the games begin!

Postby Fargin » October 19th, 2013, 2:37 pm

I used to buy clean underwear, because I couldn't do the laundry if my life depended on it. Last year I decided to throw a lot of old clothes out and boldly decide to cut down on my underwear, since 90 pairs seemed to be a little excessive. Now I can go only 20-30 days before I have to do my laundry.
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