Things I do like about myself

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Things I do like about myself

Postby MizLzie » February 16th, 2013, 12:31 pm

This comment from Almost Well in another topic
Every woman and man has beauty if people are willing to look.
made me smile. Quite right, and even with all the disgust I can place on my body there are a couple things that I do take pride in. I was thinking that maybe we could use a topic to share we we do like about our bodies and selves. Like a "Love Off" for our bodies?

*I hope that this idea doesn't upset people who can't see anything good about themselves. There is always SOMETHING, no matter how little, I believe. Or at least something to feel a little bit better. Any positive thought helps right?*

I always thought I was too heavy when I was younger and I know I am overweight now. However a few years ago someone told me I had a great ass. I've heard it a few times since. So even though I think it's too big, like the rest of me, other people think it's pretty great. I also like the colour of my eyes and my curly hair, no matter how unruly it can get.

Anyone else?
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Re: Things I do like about myself

Postby ghughes1980 » February 17th, 2013, 6:39 pm

Granted what I'm feeling right now is because of injections of botulism toxin but my hand feels alright today. Can't say I love it but it's not being a bother right now. That's an improvement over wanting to cut it off which is the usual thought pattern.
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