Menstruation relating to Bipolar

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Re: Menstruation relating to Bipolar

Postby Diana » March 18th, 2015, 9:46 am

comment on the vitamin D side of things... I started supplementing when I got my first job, and wow it helped my social anxiety sooooooooooo much. If I missed a couple of days I would notice. I worked in a hospital collecting menus so would have to visit patients daily- i had no problem going to see a brand new patient (never met them before) but i would get anxious upon seeing patients who had been there before, or for multiple days. I have a history of aspergers as well, so i do have difficulty with socialization when i am 'acquainted' with someone. New people, no problem - they don't know who i am, so i can be who ever i choose to be.

anyway, i discovered that i actually enjoyed public speaking - possibly with the help of vitamin D? I wish i could say it was a cure-all. My anxiety is worlds better from when i was little, but now it is just low grade.

alittle off topic from the original post... but along those lines, i typically felt good the week of my period - especially while on birth control! However, I've anxious-ed my way into a very low weight and no longer menstruate.
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Re: Menstruation relating to Bipolar

Postby shockedinSF » April 13th, 2015, 8:39 pm

I experience a similar thing. I get extremely depressed during PMS, and it seems to have worsened with age. I have tried hormone replacement during the week before my period in the form of the birth control pill and the estrogen patch. Both seemed to make me more moody and I was not able to tolerate them for various reasons. I think my body just cannot handle the changes in hormone levels. My Psych doc tells me that things will be much more stable after menopause but that is (hopefully) a very long time from now. I am not sure how to manage this time every single month. Its like clockwork for me. I get so tearful and depressed that I have a hard time functioning in life. The only thing that I have been doing that really helps is tracking my period on the "iperiod" App on my phone. This way at least I know when its coming so I can plan accordingly.
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Re: Menstruation relating to Bipolar

Postby ScottMentalPod » February 18th, 2016, 4:08 pm

I suggest a low dose (50mg) generic Zoloft 2 or 3 days before the PMDD kicks in. I know this might conflict with BP meds, but it's worth a trying for a month or two. :dance:
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Re: Menstruation relating to Bipolar

Postby sliceofpandabread » February 20th, 2016, 10:56 pm

I'm going through this right now extremely hardcore. I woke up, watched Harry Potter, and then my husband said something normal and I burst into tears. Then later I had to makr a phone call which scared the shit out of me and I burst into tears. And then the hubby mentioned how much I was crying and making him feel bad which, you guessed it, made me cry more. I am newly diagnosed and we don't know what we are doing but we are both trying and I still want to kill myself. I know I wouldn't kill myself, but I just have moments like today, close to my period, where it seems like a relief. I'm trying to keep it together because my 14 year old niece tried to kill herself last month and almost succeeded. Because I am the only person in her life who is actively seeking treatment, she has me as her crisis contact. Holy fuck, dude. And work has been piling on the stress ever since I filled out my FMLA forms. I'm afraid of losing my mind and my job. I'm not afraid of losing my husband. He has been with me through so much shit over the years and I know I can trust him when he says he will always be here with me and love me. Sorry for the ramble but it's very late and my cats are asleep.
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Re: Menstruation relating to Bipolar

Postby ScottMentalPod » February 22nd, 2016, 6:38 pm

Does the crying stop quickly after your period? Is there a consistent pattern?

My personal theory is progesterone drops too low causing a temporary depression. ... gesterone2


I would have your hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone) and vitamin levels (D, B12, Iron) checked right at the time your emotions are kicking your ass.

A simple fix is to go on the pill prevents your cycle down to once every three months. Then figure what else is going on. If you don't see a monthly pattern, then you're more talking about S.A.D., low D, or classic Bipolar. It takes a long time to find the right combination of medications. Then your body and stress level changes, and you have to readjust.

About your husband: caller, "My wife has PMDD and we argue." Advice, "Just don't argue with her." It sounds WAY too simple but it works. It took me a LONG time to learn that. About your job, eventually you'll find a job that allows you to have a couple REALLY bad days. Working at a job with all men is a pretty good solution.
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