Relationship Under Fire

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Re: Relationship Under Fire

Postby meh » August 10th, 2016, 1:41 pm

Bipolar 2 definitely had a huge impact on my marriage.
"Of course you have an active inner life, you're bipolar"
my therapist.
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Re: Relationship Under Fire

Postby PuppySizedElephant » January 10th, 2017, 4:57 pm

My boyfriend is bipolar and I am codependent, not an easy combination. It's very hard not to spiral once a problem starts. He's struggling and needs a lot of space and I am most scared when things are bad. In my last relationship, my ex tried to kill himself a few times and was suicidal on and off. I'm still trying to work through that. When things are bad, I definitely question our relationship. He'll start to get mad about things that don't bother him when he is more stable and it can feel like I'm more bother than I'm worth to him (Definitely my problems, too). He is very independent and self-reliant and while I'm also an introvert, we definitely have different needs and wants when it comes to closeness. I would say that that is the thing that I'm most afraid might end our relationship, not his bipolar or how I react to it. But, we are figuring things out and it is getting easier. We've lived together for about a year now, and we've worked a lot of things out. I hope my experience being on the other side might help.
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