Need advice for cognitive behavior therapy!

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Need advice for cognitive behavior therapy!

Postby tamekajin » February 13th, 2018, 3:47 am

Hey! my brother is 25 years old. He has serious anger issues. I am so afraid to go near him because he shouts at me and beats me whenever he gets angry. He often outburst in anger at my parents. My brother is a graduate but he lost his job due to this behavior. He was not like this before. He was a very loving and caring person and I loved him very much. I have no idea about what had changed his behavior like this. I have tried many ways to calm him down but all was in vain. He lost his friends because of his anger. I think that he is in depression these days. When I discussed this with my friend, he suggested taking him to a clinic in Toronto for a cognitive behavior therapy. I really want to take him there. But I don't know how to convince him. Before that, I want to know the details about the therapy. Is there anyone here who had undergone such a therapy before? Please share your experience and the details of the therapy. Thanks in advance!
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