Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) thread?

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) thread?

Postby AdmiralIndigoish » January 24th, 2018, 2:39 pm

Hi all, fairly new to the forum but not to the podcast.

I was wondering if we could add an HSP thread?

I am a highly sensitive person as per Dr. Elaine Aron's test: http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/ and it helped me a lot to understand this. Dr. Aron is a psychologist who researches differences in the brain of HSPs etc. (source: http://hsperson.com/about-dr-elaine-aron/).
Albeit I was forced into noisy/high stimuli environments by my parents so I learned how to navigate them.

Dr. Aron would also be super awesome to interview but she is herself an HSP so who knows.

I didn't see a thread asking about this so I thought I would bring it up. Thanks!
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