Hey, I'm 31 year old fit male looking for love

Post a description of yourself and your issues/struggles. Include a picture if you like. Don't forget to include good stuff too! Thanks to guest Nadereh for suggesting this thread for people who are tired of dating sites that don't present honest portrayals of people and their issues. If you'd prefer to correspond with someone privately send them a message instead of posting.

Hey, I'm 31 year old fit male looking for love

Postby Skywalker86 » November 16th, 2017, 3:54 pm

Hi, I'm on here because after listening to this podcast for awhile I feel like the chances of finding a connection with someone on here would be good considering most people who listen can relate. I don't want to sound over confident but I,think I'm attractive and full of love I just have isolated myself for so long it's hard to get out and meet people. I like to take nature walks and go out and eat at restraints but ready for someone to share that with. I have many sexual fantasies that I've heard others on podcast express. Would never do them for real but feel like it would be fun to do them with a special person. Looks like this forum doesn't get a lot of activity but I thought it was worth a try. Peace and love to all ♡
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