recently divorced 52 year old located in a rural/small town

Post a description of yourself and your issues/struggles. Include a picture if you like. Don't forget to include good stuff too! Thanks to guest Nadereh for suggesting this thread for people who are tired of dating sites that don't present honest portrayals of people and their issues. If you'd prefer to correspond with someone privately send them a message instead of posting.

recently divorced 52 year old located in a rural/small town

Postby tbooks » October 27th, 2017, 4:37 pm

I'm a 52 year old male recently divorced. I suffer with BPD and depression. I miss my two wonderful teenage daughters who live near by. I need support from persons who know the sensation of feeling hopeless, defenseless, worthless, and not being lovable . I have a successful business and joyful hobbies. I have a lot to offer but I feel empty unless I am helping someone else. I want to be a better person to make my life better and make the life of someone else better. I need to be needed. I may not be near to you by geography but I can be near via technology.
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