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Hello. I recently listened to the episode with Dr. Dansiger, in which he talked a lot about EMDR. My therapist has mentioned it as a thing we might try someday, but so far, she says, I'm too easily triggered into dissociation, and too lacking in skills for undoing the dissociation, to even begin. Very frustrating.

After listening to the podcast, I found Getting Past the Past (self-help EMDR-based book by Shapiro, EMDR originator). Just finished listening to that. Shapiro offers techniques for personal use, but says not to try it at home if you're already in therapy for a complex problem, or if you think you might have a complex problem.

I would like to try the initial self-calming techniques she suggests; maybe if I develop those skills, then I too will be one of the lucky people who gets better through EMDR.

Given how enthusiastic Dansiger and Shapiro are about its effectiveness, I'm surprised to find this forum empty. If it's as good as they say, we should be getting seriously better in droves! I used the search box, and see lots of scattered posts that include the term EMDR, but I bog down fast when I go fifty different directions, so I'm hoping to stimulate some input here.

If you have experience with EMDR (as a patient/subject, not a practitioner), please let us know how it went. Specifically, is it as fantastically effective from the perspective of beneficiary as it is from the perspective of practitioner? I'd have a lot more motivation to work toward it if I could hear from people it's helped.

If you've tried it and been disappointed with the results, then I really, really want to hear from you. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing how nearly universally effective a treatment is, only to find that I'm the only one I know of who fails to be helped by it.

Thanks, everybody!

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