New Psych Going Med Overload

New Psych Going Med Overload

Postby aligirl5867 » October 26th, 2015, 6:57 pm

Just visited my new psychiatrist. I will say, she was fantastic and really sincerely asked questions about my situation. She touted that she was certified in holistic medicine, as well as typical psychiatry, and believed in therapy alongside medication. Yay! Someone who gets me!

However, she seemed much more concerned about my anxiety than my depression. Most therapists are much more focused on preventing me from jumping of a bridge or not getting out of bed. I know the two are intertwined, but I think of myself as depressed before anxious for sure. Maybe the coffee was making me jitter?

Anyways, she refilled my Effexor prescription (75mg) and I am on levythyroxine for Hashimoto's. However, she added several supplements: daily multi-vitamin, B complex, fish oil (forgot to pick up), and iodine/kelp pills (couldn't find). She added on Buspar (8mg) and Benadryl for sleep. She also gve me some meditation podcasts which are cool.

Now, the vitamins make sense because I probably should be taking some of those anyways and the idea of boosting natural items makes sense. However, I don't feel super anxious, so it feels weird adding Buspar. I am definitely pro-medication, just like a diabetic needs insulin, I need anti-depressants. I just don't want Buspar to be working to fix something that it doesn't need to, making an unnecessary monthly cost and chemicals in my body.

Does anyone have any experience with Buspar along anti-depressants? Or Buspar for mild anxiety? Is she just trying to crack the Da Vinci Code or do I need all this?
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