Tips for changing meds

Tips for changing meds

Postby anymomentinthewoods » August 15th, 2015, 11:28 am

Hey everybody. Long time, no see! I just sent a message to Paul but I wanted to put something here as well.

I have a question about changing medication and coping with that change. I'm changing my medication in the next two weeks and quite honestly, I'm scared. The other times I've changed meds, I didn't have a job and I was at home with my mom. But now I'm changing with a part time job and the first time changing meds around my husband. I'm worried that I won't be able to go to work and that this change will cause tension between my husband and me.

I know that part of this is me inflating things and being anxious. But does anybody have any tips on what I can do to prepare for this change and what I can do during to cope with what my body and mind will be going through? I really could use some advice. Thanks. :)
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Re: Tips for changing meds

Postby thepatty » August 15th, 2015, 8:46 pm

Hi - I'm actually in the middle of changing meds right now and completely understand your pain. I've been opposed to any changes but have recently agreed as my depression is at a new low and we are trying a newer drug. I've changed meds several times in the past, mostly all while working full-time, but am lucky enough right now to take a few days off to get through the beginning. My suggestions, which may seem stupid and simple but something I wish I would have done in the past:
1. Write down the exact time of day you take your meds.
2. Write down everything you eat and when - did you eat with your meds and what did you eat?
3. Make sure you are getting plenty of water.
4. Write down anything that is not normal. Headaches, stomach upset, ect...
5. Write down all sleeping patterns

I wish I would have done this in the past as it would have saved me a bunch of trouble trying to recall everything for my doctor. Some of my med changes have been just time of day I take them due to certain side effects and having everything in black and white makes me less anxious when discussing with doc.

I try not to read the descriptions from the pharmacy of what side effect could happen and just ask my doc what I should look for. I make things harder on myself by trying to be my own med detective on google. I hope you have a great doc like mine that has been available via phone to talk through some of the side effects as they happen. This past week I came home from work and slept 4 hours; not a great side effect. I was able to speak to doc the next day and work out a change in time of day to take certain meds.

I'm single so I can't help much on how to work through this with your husband, but could you ask him to be a participant in this journey? Would it be ok for him to point out any changes in personality or mood that he notices?

It's so hard to guess what our bodies will do when a new medication is added. I've had some of the weirdest side effects so nothing shocks me anymore. I think the only prep you can do is eat as healthy as you can and have saltines and ginger ale on hand if you feel queasy.

Try not to overthink it too much. The more pressure you put upon yourself to feel something (good or bad) will just cause more stress.
Once I'm past the initial adjustment to the new med, I like to take small assessments of how I'm feeling emotionally. For example, maybe on Friday I realized that not once during the week did I feel like screaming fucktwat at someone in line at starbucks. That would be a win for me. Or maybe I noticed that commercials with puppies make me cry. That would not be a win. Noticing the small changes can either help you continue or be a sign that you need to speak to your doc before things get worse.

I hope some of this helps. Switching meds is never fun, but the hope for something better is what gets me over the fear of the unknown.
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