NEW TEACHER- Parent/Teacher conferences/relationship

Experience in locked residential facilities for youth offenders and the juvenile justice system. I have "seen it all"..... I specialize in teens/young people with various issues (Drug &Alcohol, LGBTQ, self-harm, sex/physical abuse, early psychosis) with a psychoanalytic leaning... I also run the Adult and Teen DBT group at my organization and in charge of crisis situations at the clinic (suicide, self-harm, harm to others). In addition, I am a licensed art therapist and use art therapy as a way to process internal stimuli that is blocked by trauma. I'm based in Portland

NEW TEACHER- Parent/Teacher conferences/relationship

Postby FuckingSensitive » October 17th, 2017, 3:29 pm

I have a parent I have about as many concerns for as I do her daughter. I am terrified to meet her tomorrow for conferences (First conferences of all time!). But I am determined to do my best to get on her good side to give her daughter what she needs.
Her daughter has been to 6 schools during her elementary school career. The mother has been referred to as "Bipolar" by previous year teachers (i called the old school to find out why this student doesn't have an IEP. The teacher said one minute she's )

I called mom to confirm the conference appointment and she immediately went off on me, this is the first time i'm hearing of this, I've had nothing but problems with this school since the beginning of the year, I would rather just drive them to the other school at this point.

I stayed calm and addressed her concerns with logic.

My dream would be to make her mom my best friend and get an IEP/504 going for this kid!

What's my best move? Her daughter is flunking Math and Reading, due to behavioral (or I suspect, developmental) issues. She can't focus long enough to follow any directions. So I'm scared for tomorrow.

Help! How to work with someone with extreme victimizing/narcissistic/emotionally explosive behaviors?

Thank you.
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