#368 Female Sex Addiction - Erica Garza

#368 Female Sex Addiction - Erica Garza

Postby SpookyGhost » February 9th, 2018, 2:43 am

The Salon contributor and author of Getting Off: One Woman's Journey Through Sex and Porn Addiction shares about her sex addiction, which began at age 12 after discovering masturbation as a way of soothing her anxiety and not having to deal with her feelings but over time escalated into riskier and more addictive behavior which she eventually sought help for. She shares about the odd relationship shame and pleasure have for her when acting out and how today she can have sexual experiences that are actually intimate and freeing.

For more on Erica go to www.EricaGarza.com

Follow her on Twitter @EricaDGarza

Buy her book here https://www.amazon.com/Getting-Off-Jour ... 150116337X
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