Episode 322: Being Trans in a Red State: Olivia Haidar

Episode 322: Being Trans in a Red State: Olivia Haidar

Postby SpookyGhost » March 18th, 2017, 8:06 pm

The 29 year-old trans woman dispels myths about what it means to be trans, including those she used to believe. She shares about hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgery, the prejudice and stigma of "passing", feeling dysphoric growing up, coming out in her Indiana hometown and her upbringing by an overprotective mother, an absent father, an alcoholic and emotionally abusive stepfather.

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Re: Episode 322: Being Trans in a Red State: Olivia Haidar

Postby ShrinkingViolet » March 21st, 2017, 9:30 am

Oh this episode was so so so painfully good. I generally love this podcast, and especially episodes centered around depression/anxiety or emotional neglect. And it can be wearing to always only be hearing the perspectives of cis or trans-masc folk, like our stories share commonalities but it feels impossible to really identify those stories because inherently our lives are so different. So it was amazing to hear this episode with A) an actual trans woman B) a young punkish trans woman. I've never heard so much of my own life and story in someone else's experience. I'm also an early 30s trans woman who grew up in a crappy ass red state (Idaho in my case), came out after high school, is radical and feminist af, and isn't capital F femme. Like thank you thank you for this interview. I was getting so tired of having 500+ episodes and not one actually including a trans woman, especially since I've had to endure listening to a few older episodes where Paul and Guests drop 'Tranny' as if we were fucking jokes, or there was a shocking amount of ignorance displayed in replies to some trans women's emails and surveys. I'm so hoping this podcast continues down the road of social justice and liberation.
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