do i have bipolar or just depression&anxiety

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do i have bipolar or just depression&anxiety

Postby Ellieoncé » June 30th, 2016, 5:28 pm

I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and am on antidepressants, I am never sure whether they work tho. I know that the symptoms of the combination of depression and anxiety can overlap with bipolar disorder so I am unsure whether I should look into bipolar meds/therapy instead. I am very up and down and have had times when i have a few weeks of dark depression then a few weeks of high anxiety.... sometimes i wonder if the anxiety is mania/hypomania not just anxiety as I sometimes experience derealisation and it's very scary and like I'm losing my mind and myself. Usually when I feel happy I am hyper and impulsive but it always comes crashing down later. Is this just normal of anxiety and depression or something more.
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Re: do i have bipolar or just depression&anxiety

Postby Grace Pacheco, MFT » July 21st, 2016, 11:04 pm

If you did have bipolar disorder, your psychiatrist would never have prescribed an anti-depressant alone without a mood stabilizer to counter it since anti-depressants are known to bring on manic episodes in bipolar patients. Psychiatrists always screen for mania in your first evaluation to determine the best prescription and plan of treatment. It doesn't sounds like you have bipolar I disorder if you can tolerate an antidepressant and stay out of a psychiatric hospital. You may look into Bipolar II illness which is less known to the general public and is slightly different in presentation. Many people who have borderline personality disorder are confused to have bipolar disorder because of the rapidly changing emotions and mood. I recommend you speak with your psychiatrist about any questions regarding medication. Wishing you mental wellness.

Grace Pacheco, MFT
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