How to reach out?

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How to reach out?

Postby emo » May 15th, 2015, 9:00 am

I need some help. My 20 year old son & his 18 year old fiance are in denial about their mental illnesses. I am worried mostly for my grandson, their seven month old baby. I want them to get help, but I know I can't make them do anything. My son is depressed & has anxiety issues, his fiance has told me that she is bipolar, but is not medicated & doesn't plan to ever go on meds again. They both are heavy marijuana smokers, high school drop outs with out drivers licenses or steady jobs. My son works part time for a friend of his, but no steady income. They spend every dime they get as soon as they can & then bitch about being broke. They live with my's a very co-dependent tangled web that they live in. I recently bought them some books - one about finances & budgeting, one about depression & anxiety & two about bipolar - one for her & one for him. I know I can't make them read the books, but I feel like it is something I can do to let them know that I am aware of their struggles & can be helpful if they'd let me.
I really would like some help with how to give them the books & what to say when I do give them to them. I don't want to strain our relationship any more than it already is & yet I know it will strain the relationship, these aren't easy people to talk to or deal with . They are very manipulative & I have a hard time dealing with them on the best of days.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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