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Why Am I A Mess? My Parents Loved Me – Amanda Bloom

The 30 year-old freelance journalist and Pilates teacher doesn’t have anything dramatic to point to in her life, yet she has struggled to find her voice in life with bad relationships, eating disorders, depression, body dysmorphia, and intense fears of rejection and feeling excluded.  Paul and Amanda peel back the layers to try to find out what’s underneath.

To learn more about Amanda, go to www.AmandaBloom.com
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Punk Rock, Trauma & EMDR – Dr Stephen Dansiger

At 16 he was playing drums at CBGB and Max’s Kansas City as the punk scene exploded. After destroying his career (Pianosaurus, King Missile) he got sober. The PsyD & MFT explains his extensive work with treating trauma victims (especially those with addictions) by using EMDR. He talks about the difficulty people have in calling what happened to them “trauma” and why the label isn’t important.  He shares his personal experiences and insights about bullying, Buddhism, self-sabotage, spirituality, depression and what being a “good person” means to him.

Dr. Dansiger can be found at www.drdansiger.com

Check out this new book Clinical Dharma

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Glamorously Dying: Ex-Model Nikki DuBose

The 31 year-old ex-model (Vogue, Vanity Fair) discusses surviving incest by her mother (who was also an alcoholic with BiPolar and DID aka Multiple Personality Disorder) and a lifetime of battling eating disorders (binging, bulimia, anorexia), depression, anxiety, psychosis, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, alcoholism and drug and sex addiction. She reflects on the physical and emotional bottom that finally made her walk away from modeling and seek help, ironically as her emaciated body was more desirable than ever in the industry.

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Mini Ep – Producers of HBO’s Every Brilliant Thing

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato have produced and/or directed some of Paul’s favorite documentaries, including Mapplethorpe: Look At The Pictures, 101 Rent Boys and Monica in Black & White. They sit down with Paul to talk about their newest film, Every Brilliant Thing which debuts on HBO Dec 26th and tackles the subject of finding joy in life’s little things when we’re surrounded by darkness.  Paul also talks to them about their days as struggling artists in the East Village during the beginning of the AIDS crisis and what draws them to subjects who have been vilified or marginalized by society.   Fenton and Randy also produce Ru Paul’s Drag Race and talk about why they love drag queens.

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For info on Every Brilliant Thing click here


Letter To Her Suicidal 16 Year-Old Self – Katie Hirshberg

The 19 year-old college sophomore opens with a letter she wrote to her 16 year-old self who was so tired of the years of depression, anxiety self-hate, bullying, co-dependence, perfectionism, Crohn’s Disease and feeling like a burden that she was on the verge of taking her life.  Her dad, Alan sits in on the session to occasionally share his perspective on her struggles, their family dynamics and what he might have done differently.

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Basketball Player Royce White live at ITTFest

The 25 year-old professional basketball player opens up to a live audience about mental health issues not only in his life (OCD, panic attacks and anxiety) but societally, especially in the NBA where he played, and in the relationships between POC and police officers. Royce shares about being raised by a single mom in a culturally diverse extended family.

Check out Royce’s mental health foundation www.anxiousminds.org

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The Wounded Healer – April Adams

Author/life-coach April Adams clarifies what an “energy healer” actually does despite it sounding like new-age b.s.  She talks about techniques she has used to deal with her childhood trauma and heal others.  She opens up about her experiences with swinging, sexual fluidity, embracing her attraction to women fairly late in life and possible love addiction/fear of intimacy in her same-sex marriage.

April’s book is Essence: Ending Emptiness, Finding Fulfillment

Her websites are www.AprilAdams.org and www.FillingYourCup.com

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Daddy Issues – Luisa Omielan

The 34 year-old British writer/comedian/performer shares about the pain of her parents’ nasty divorce when she was a kid, especially her father using her as a pawn and poisoning her mind about her mother. She also shares about her depression and only being turned on by men who treat her badly or are in some way unavailable. She talks about her struggle to not equate her self-worth with her career ups and downs and overcome her fear of not being enough.

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My Suicide Attempt Wakeup Call – Paul Goebel

The actor/comedian (@Midnight) opens up about his recent suicide attempt, psych ward stay  and how it is motivating him to seek help and try to be a better husband, father and friend.  He shares about trying to break the cycle of bad parenting and untreated addiction/mental illness in his family and learn how to identify and express his emotions instead of coping with his anxiety and depression by getting high.  He also expresses his regret in being a bad parent to his 2 daughters, a bad husband to his first wife and his treatment and attitude towards women.

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a roast that they threw for him on the blog section of his website


And be on the lookout for his new podcast Paul Goebel & Friends