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#252 Paul Gets Interviewed

Paul’s friend, former Dinner and a Movie co-host (and former podcast guest) Lisa Arch asks Paul about his life, his struggles, the podcast and questions posed by listeners, who have been requesting an episode where all of Paul’s bullshit can reside in one place.  Well here it is.  Regular listeners may find that they’ve heard a lot of this information before, so this is really for the new listener who wants to get up to speed on what a nutjob Paul is.  We decided to take a week off from reading surveys.


Rama I

The 28 year-old Syrian opens up about always being the minority wherever she lives (She was born in Syria, grew up in Brazil and now lives in the US), racism towards Arabs, recovering from sexual abuse, battling depression and anxiety and how getting help has saved her life.  Her boyfriend Haydn, who was the previous week’s guest also sits in on the interview.

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Jackie Kashian Live at Podfest

The writer/comedian/podcaster (Dork Forest) shares about her tumultuous upbringing, and struggles with anger, depression, connecting to people and being perimenopausal.

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Dr Jessica Zucker #3

Therapist Dr Zucker shares the harrowing emotional, mental and physical details of her late-term (16th week) miscarriage; how to support a friend or loved one who experiences pregnancy loss, and of course she and Paul talk about his mom.

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Danny Hatch

The 23 year-old Oklahoman shares about his depression, cutting, feelings of inadequacy, his parent’s divorce, finding a voice and identify through comedy (Keith & The Girl podcast), feeling some shame for wanting to be famous and the slow process of accepting his bisexuality especially coming from a devoutly Catholic family.


Kate Spencer

The writer/performer/wife/mother shares about her OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts and insomnia.  She also talks about the surprising gifts that came from the painful loss of her mother and how she is using basketball to embrace her body and let out aggression.

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