Author:Paul Gilmartin

Chris Fairbanks

Stand-up Comedian, Skateboarder and co-host of Fuel T.V.’s The Daily Habit, Chris Fairbanks talks with Paul about his mother’s battle with alcoholism, Alzheimer’s and Dementia and its effect on him growing up and today.  They talk about the link between pain and creativity, peer acceptance, dark voices in their heads and they both share chilling stories about dead people.


Annabelle Gurwitch

They talk about Annabelle’s chaotic upbringing and their seven years together as co-hosts on TBS’ Dinner and a Movie.  They talk about how much they hated each other and how their depression and anxiety fueled it.  Annabelle talks about the loneliness she felt when all she cared about what show business.   She dishes on what a dick Paul can be to work with, and the pain she went through being fired by TBS and Woody Allen.


Graham Elwood

Paul talks with fellow comedian, long-time friend and alpha male Graham Elwood about depressing fall days from their childhoods in the midwest!  They open up about divorce, unhappy moms, being too competitive and finding a way to be at peace.


Tyler Smith

Paul talks with avowed Christian and movie podcaster Tyler Smith about his recent diagnosis of depression.   Paul questions his own prejudice towards organized religion.  An inappropriate incest joke makes things nice and uncomfortable.   Probably too much talk about God, but there it is so go fuck yourself.


Jimmy Pardo (Voted #10 Ep of 2011)

Comedian Jimmy Pardo appears for the first time as a guest.  They bust each others balls then get down to the business of being funny, and the pain and anxiety underneath it.   Note: The audio was accidentally mixed for stereo, and some people find it a little annoying.  Apologies.


Grey DeLisle

Paul interviews Grey DeLisle, one of the most in-demand VO (voice over) actors in Hollywood.  She’s the voice of Daphne on Scooby Doo,  Azula on Avatar: The Last Airbender.   They talk about pervy relatives, her date with a pervy celebrity, and breaking the cycle of bad parenting.  You can follow her on Twitter @greydelisle