Author:Paul Gilmartin

Raised in Scientology: Derek Bloch

The 28 year-old talks about being raised in the Church of Scientology by a narcissistic father and passive mother.  He details the abuse inflicted by their “Sea Org” starting when he was 13, how he reconciled their homophobia with his being gay and ultimately how he broke away from the church and his family.


Sheila & Kim

The lifelong friends join Paul to talk about supporting each other through their issues which include: alcoholism, food addiction, IBS and codependency.

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Cassie Sneider

The writer and graphic artist (and karaoke DJ) talks with Paul about her parents alcoholism, gambling and shopping addictions, being bullied, becoming violent in her 20s and eventually finding therapy and support groups for her codependency. They also bond over their intense love of dogs and how much easier it can be to love them than people.


Heather Marlowe

The writer/performer opens up about being drugged and raped and the pressure she has been putting on the San Francisco police department to process the thousands of warehoused rape kits whose DNA could help catch the predators who remain unapprehended.

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